Budget Billing


Our Budget Billing Option is subject to credit approval and is designed to help our customers budget their annual heating cost over a set period.  This provides peace of mind knowing what your monthly payment will be throughout the year and eliminates the large heating bills in the winter months.  The program is especially helpful if you are on fixed income.

·         We take last year’s history of propane purchases and multiply the gallons by the projected price of propane and divide by 11 months. Customer have the twelfth month to settle the account.

·         Account balance must have a credit balance, current balance or zero balance at time of enrollment.

·         Credit balances may be rolled into next year’s budget.

·         Budget must be paid out by August 31.

·         Budget billing begins September 1 and ends August 31.

·         Budgets will be reviewed December 31 and March 31. The budgeted amounts may be adjusted up or down upon review.

·         Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and significant changes to consumption or fuel prices can impact your total propane fuel spending.

·         No finance charges

·         If two consecutive payments are missed, you will be dropped from the program and all balances would become due and payable prior to receiving any further deliveries of propane. Any balances due are also then subject to finance charges or administration fees.

Payment Options

You may pay your budget payment in 3 ways: